Kalpamrit Network Marketing is one of the finest Product Based Network Marketing Opportunities in India which could soon be Global.
This website is developed to promote Kalpamrit MLM business for myself. This is NOT the official website of the business. All the products, pricing, plans etc used for education purpose only and belong to Kalpamrit Marketing.


NETWORK MARKETING is a risky way to earn money. Not everyone who is involved in MLM makes money. Individual results vary. We are using this website to promote our team in Kalpamrit. We do not guarantee or warantee any income or treatement from the opportunity. Please consult your financial and health advisor before joining the opportunity or using the products.

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Kalpamrit Additional Income from Shop 9035308471. All shop owners welcome

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The future belongs to those who are prepared for it! Join India’s Fast growing MLM opportunity today. 

Times are changing.

Change is the law of life

E-commerce business and Hyper local models are killing the small shop business. – Business reviews

Retail is dead!

Earlier, it was beneficial to have a shop. People were not going out much, the delivery was difficult. Most people were not having own vehicle so they used to buy products from nearby stores.

But now things are changing. First big shops, then departmental stores, then big departmental store chains made life difficult for retailers. Now e-commerce and hyper local businesses are making things worst!

What to do as small retail shops are making a loss and getting close?

Start another source of income! from the same shop that you own.

Welcome to the Kalpamrit opportunity

Some hard facts
* 25 30  years back those who opened STD/PCO made a good income

* 20 25 years back Xerox/ Photocopy business was amazing

* 20 25 years back local dish TV networks made a good profit.

* 15 20 years back Cyber cafe was a great business.

*  10-15 years back those who opened McDonald’s or Pizza franchise made a huge business.

* 5 years back when Patanjali came to market, franchise who started their business made a great income.

KALPAMRIT is giving you the same opportunity today. 

Why shop owners should join Kalpamrit business? 

{Kalpamrit.in | 9035308471}

Kalpamrit works on MLM/Network Marketing model but a shopkeeper can join and work ONLY as a stock point/retailer.


👉 Joining is 100% FREE.
👉 There are over 60+ products. We are expecting to have more products soon.
👉 No need to do anything extra. Keep our products for sale in the shop.

👉OUR FOUNDER– Swami Karmaveer ji is featured in Wikipedia. He also was a founder of Patanjali.  Later started his own company named Kalpamrit. The business is spread across many countries of the world. Kalpamrit started Network Marketing in India in 2018. We are expecting the company to expand to other countries soon.

👉  Unlike other MLM companies, Kalpamrit products have procket friendly pricing.  {WhatsApp 9035308471}
👉 Some of our products are best sellers in the international market.
👉 Just buy daily use/self-use/retail use products worth Rs. 1100 and start this business.

👉 Product include cooking oils, kitchen masalas, chwyanprash,  Juices, Chutney, Soaps, Shampoos, Hair Oil, cleaning materials, hand wash, liquid detergent etc
👉 No need to keep a HUGE inventory. You can offer products to your customers. If they like they can join the company and make money. You can enjoy the profit.
👉 When you see the potential of growth, you can start KSP (mini franchise). It costs only around Rs 25000.
👉 KSP can be upgraded to Franchise without much hassles.  {WhatsApp 9035308471}
👉 Retail margin is 10-30%. Networking profits can be unlimited!
👉 Just sell products around Rs 1100 to a customer and let him be your business partner.
👉 Once someone joins your network, you can earn money from their purchase or business for life.
👉 These people who join in your network will also make their own network.
👉 Special advantage on self purchase.

👉 Consistency offer- Buy products worth RS 1500 for 6 months and get 7th month free. Buy for 12 months and get for 7th, 13th and 14 months free. 
👉 If you open Stock point, extra KSP commission can be earned.
👉 Great for shop owners- add just 2 people on the first month. If these people add 2 people each every month, your team will be 2^12 by the end of 4096.




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Never Stop Quotes. There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. अपने लक्ष्य को ऊँचा रखो और तब तक मत रुको जब तक आप इसे हासिल नहीं कर लेते है।

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